French Fallout

Thierry Henry denies ranting at Raymond Domenech

French captain doesn’t hate manager as much as we thought

Raymond Domenech and Thierry Henry

French daily Le Parisien this week claimed Thierry Henry stood up during a French team meeting on Friday and berated Raymond Domenech, labelling his training sessions as boring and complaining that the team didn’t know what to do on the pitch. However, the Barcelona star has now denied the quotes and the apparent rift between the French national team and its manager.

Henry appeared on French station TV1 clear up the situation:

“No. Nothing happened on Friday.”

“We had a discussion, as often happens between a team and their coach, but it was a rather constructive discussion.

“I’ve been saying for some time now. But when you do not win the game it is much more complicated to get this message across. There is a great atmosphere in this squad. I can say I see it every day.”

We have little doubt that the original quotes in le Parisien were fabricated – this could represent the first time a newspaper has been found to make something up since the last time The Sun published a transfer rumour – but judging by the contemptuous glare in the picture above, there’s clearly no love lost between Henry and Domenech.

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  • thomas // September 8, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    thierry henry always wished he was the french team manager. captaining the team is not enough for his big ego. FFS, I ‘m pretty sure he wants to rule the world.
    STFU Mr Henry.

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