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Spanish press say Cristiano Ronaldo is “anxious” and should be rested

Media fail to make Portuguese man-o’-sex feel welcome in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo

Never ones to wildly speculate or make stuff up based on thoroughly insufficient evidence, the vultures of the Spanish press seem to be circling around Cristiano Ronaldo of late.

A few weeks ago, Madrid-based daily paper Marca ran a story on their front cover claiming the Portuguese was struggling to fit into the side, and that he was therefore suffering from ‘Zidane Syndrome’. This assessment was made before La Liga 2009/10 had even started, and was thoroughly devoid of quotes or proof.

This morning, they have reintroduced their anxiety theory with the help of Jorge Valdano, the Madrid sporting director who seems to be piping up a lot more of late. He is quoted as saying:

“In the first league game I liked Cristiano. He scored, even though it was a penalty, and he had a couple of moves. He may have some anxiety because he is very professional and always wants to be at his best, but we need to wait a few matches to see who he really is. We saw this with Zidane.”

The Barcelona press are also getting on the tricky winger’s case, by asserting that he is already exhausted. Without even a hint of evidence, Sport today report:

“[Manuel Pellegrini] and his team believe they should give a rest to the Portuguese against Espanyol after the physical and psychological wear which he has been under during the two qualifying matches for the World Cup.”

Sport continue by effectively diminishing their own claims, when noting the fact that Ronaldo hates being a substitute, and is very keen to play every single minute of every match. Hence, this ‘physical and psychological wear’ will be extremely difficult to prove.

After playing just one league game and an international schedule that most of his teammates will also have participated in, we find it very hard to believe that a player of Ronaldo’s caliber is exhausted. Equally, it seems a little bizarre to point the finger of anxiety at a player who epitomises confidence and egotism.

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  • venga malaga // September 12, 2009 at 8:08 am

    his problem is that Kaka and the French bloke who Man U wanted, have both been much better than him. And Alonso can do no wrong.
    He’s no longer the biggest star

  • L // September 13, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    I do get what you are saying and I for one feel that Ronaldo was always going to be the “luxury” spend for RM, more likely to pay off his price tag through commercial projects than winning trophies and though he is a pioneer for exciting and beautiful football that type of style does not get balls in the net and games won and that may be the major difference between his roles at utd and rm and how he appears to the fans – Ronaldo thrives on team mates to an extent being a supporting act and unselfish so he can be selfish (which to be fair he is at his best when he can be selfish with the ball) utd were willing to play that support role as everyone got the reward of winning cups under those tactics (which had the negative effect of utd being labeled a ‘one man team’ which would of pulled down the team in the long run and there is almost a sense of relief coming across from utd members that they get to be a team again and get credited as one) At RM however though I think his speed and strength will aid him well in spain, southern european players compared to northern ones seems to more individual in terms of style and show the need to sparkle as a player even if they can’t as a team, ie… ‘selfish players are more of a norm (northern players in europe, eg.. ones from the uk, germany, holland,etc…. come across as more workmen like, very much putting in the neccssary work for a team so they win so the team will get credited even if they don’t). The teams which do the best have a balance between these two types of players – utd had/have some sort of balance but madrid have more showcase type players than workman ones which is why I feel that if a player like Alonso or L Diarra got injured RM would be in trouble whereas i don’t see that much of an pressing issue if it was Ron or benzema for eg! if Ronaldo doesn’t have these workman around because of the type of player he is (though he is v capable of producing individual moments of magic) he will in the long run suffer (refer to the portuguese NT – too many showmen, not enough workman).

    Even if you’re not a fan of Ronaldo this season will be fascinating to watch as we well get the answer to ‘at what cost is ronaldo willing to win titles?’ – would he be ok with winning cups if it meant that to be so 3-4 over players had to be in the spotlight and he wasn’t/was required to be a workman type player? Judging on the past i’m not sure but i’m interested to know the answer. But in 2 liga games he’s scored 2 goals (1 penalty) and if he keeps that up through the season by no means can he be labeled a flop.

    However bcos of the way in the past that RM has operated players like catwalk design becomes yesterday’s news v quickly and players of Ronaldo’s costs cannot be kept around for too long unless they keep producing big results on the pitch & in commercial income which is why I don’t see him able to stay much longer at madrid (if longer at all) than he did at utd but I don’t see the quick exit that many are predicting either.

    Sorry about the rant!

  • L // September 13, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    sorry when above I typed

    “though he is a pioneer for exciting and beautiful football that type of style does not get balls in the net and games won”

    i meant beautiful football does not ALWAYS get balls in nets and win games and you still need a good/well suited to each other team to do so – just ask arsenal (beautiful football but often underperformers) and chelsea (not that entertaining to watch, v workman like and annoying as heel for rival fans to watch and see them drill out yet another result but they are experts in getting the job done which is why I would not be surprized if they won the cl title this yr – it’s been coming!)

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