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Wayne Rooney’s mates cause a kerfuffle at a Stereophonics gig

Manchester Utd star forced to apologise for rowdiness

On Monday night, The Spoiler was lucky enough to attend a Stereophonics Fan Club show at Camden’s intimate Electric Ballroom. The sound mix was perfect, the boyos resisted the urge to play too much new crap, and the new crap they did play was rather good (see video above).

Little did we know it, but we were also in the company of Wayne Rooney, who came down to foggy London town with his brother Graham and some friends to check out his favourite band. Those standing near the handsome Manchester Utd striker, however, were treated to some fabulously obnoxious behaviour. The Sun reports:

“Graham and the friend were bouncing around, knocking into people and spilling their pints.

“At one point a minor scuffle broke out. Wayne was taking people aside to excuse their antics.”

After apologising profusely for the conduct of his party, Rooney left the north London venue with a huge beer stain down his hoodie.

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