Jay DeMerit’s eye injury hell, Ian Wright talks rubbish and Fat Ronaldo nightmares

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Amazing – Chelsea vs Liverpool. In Nigeria. If anyone has the full film, we’ll swap you our life savings and children.

Watford’s Jay DeMerit is out of action after suffering an injury that made The Spoiler cringe for about half an hour. And it’s not a broken leg.
[Daily Mail]

Unsurprisingly, it’s not worth taking anything Ian Wright says in those rubbish adverts for the The Sun seriously.
[The Times]

Want to sound knowledgeable at the office watercooler during the next (inevitable) Calciopoli scandal? Click on…
[Juventus.The Offside]

Evil Ronaldo bobblehead haunts our dreams. We’re sorry for calling you fat! (Not really)
[Dirty Tackle]

Darren Bent twitter update: He’s not visiting Tiger Tiger again, as he got ‘pure hassle’ from Newcastle fans last night. Also, Fraizer Campbell is back on XBOX Live. Hurrah!

Arsenal youth prospect Mark Randall’s alleged WAG poses NSFW-ishly
[ZOO Today]

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