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Vote: Will you pay to watch England’s World Cup Qualifier on a computer?

Watching the match will seem more like being at work than ever

Sheva and Dynamo Kiev

As a gesture of support for online streaming, Shevchenko has changed his name to make it more ‘web’ friendly

After none of the major broadcasters could be bothered to buy the rights to England’s relatively meaningless trip to Dnipropetrovsk, the game will now be exclusively shown on the interwebnet. Sign up with one of the many sites showing the pay-per-view stream today, and you will pay £4.99, but (alcohol-fuelled) last minute subscribers will have to fork out a whopping £11.99.

Will you pay to watch the game online? Or will you watch one of the many international games available on normal TV (Russia/ Germany; Denmark; Sweden; Ireland/ Italy) instead? Let us know your opinions below…

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  • leo // October 7, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    Why pay when there’s good streaming sites out there like p2p or http://bit.ly/opXkK

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