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Are Rangers and Celtic set to drop the shoulder on the SPL?

World’s oldest question bounces back again

Typical Scottish football

Here is how the media works. Withdrawn from their regular diet of Premier League football, the football press find themselves with swathes of blank pages to fill on international weeks. To help fill the space, the sports editor will select at random from a top hat containing a bulky collection of ‘old chestnuts.’ These consist of agenda-defining topics such as, ‘The England goalkeeping conundrum’, ‘Fabregas to Barca’, and most tiresome of all, ‘Should the Old Firm desert the SPL?’

Once selected, a journalist is challenged to find a new angle or even better, a new voice, to shed new light on the old chestnut. Hence Michael van Praag’s quotes appearing in the British media this morning, regarding the founding of a North Atlantic League. The Dutch FA chief said:

“There was no way we could push that through because Uefa at that time were conservative and full of fear. Now I am part of Uefa myself and, for this course, I can begin the lobby. It makes sense to start the lobbying now.”

Indeed the lobbying may well start now. And it will be heartily ignored until the next international break.

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