The 50 best players in Ligue Un, an old man falls over and Jamie Redknapp wears a very shiny jacket

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Who are the 50 best players in the French top flight? We don’t know either but these guys do
( The Offside )

A Czech paper has offered a whole lot of shekels to encourage San Marino against Slovenia tonight. If the Slovenians win, the Czechs will be spending next summer on the beach.
( Off the Post )

Interestment round up the week’s international action

Fabio Cannavaro tries to suppress his laughter at his boss falling over
( Dirty Tackle )

Jamie Redknapp glows in this lovely jacket
( Kickette )

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  • anthonyOA // October 14, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    Gotta love kickette. Keeping us abreast of lumps in shiny things.

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