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Three things we learnt from last night’s Champions League

Pay attention at the back


Iker goes one way, ball goes the other

1. England aren’t the only country with a dodgy keeper
Madrid – Milan was a terrific match, end-to-end and iced with a couple of wonderful goals. But there were also some dreadful goalkeeping on display, from two men who are in contention to be the custodians for two of the favourites to win in South Africa.
Iker Casillas had his worst game in a Madrid shirt for many years. Not only was he beaten by Andrea Pirlo’s 87 yard strike for the Milan equaliser, but he then made a terrific hash of a standard long ball, to allow the Duck to put the Rossoneri ahead.

2. Serie A is no longer the home of Catenaccio
Things aren’t what they used to be in Serie A. 17 goals in the four matches in which Italian sides were involved this week, shows that the days of tuning into Ch4, to watch Roma and Sampdoria pass the ball around the back four inside their own half, are well and truly over.

3. Frank Lampard needs a team built around him
Much flapping and excitement in today’s press, as the golden boy Frank Lampard returned to form last night with a goal and two assists against the awful Atletico. Less lauded however, was how Lamps was at his best due to once more having three midfielders screening him, allowing Frank effectively a free role. It’s this sort of indulgence that Lampard has become used to, and that Capello is trying to stamp out with England.
Steven Gerrard to a slightly lesser degree relies on the same indulgence – at his best in a free role with three midfielders in behind him. Many would argue the pair are so good, they are worth spoiling. Thespoiler isn’t so sure – Paul Scholes used to score 15 a season playing with just Roy Keane alongside him, let alone two others.

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  • krug // October 22, 2009 at 10:14 am

    to be fair to casillas, i thought dida’s mistake was much worse, i mean he just dropped the ball……

  • patiala peg // October 22, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    thats spot on.gerrard and lamps arent even fit to clean scholesy’s boot.definitely was a huge lose for england the day he retired,the ginger prince is bloody amazing.except when it comes to tackling of course

  • aaron // October 24, 2009 at 7:55 am

    maybe its becos 1xkeano = 3 midfielders? i mean scholesy cldn’t tackle to save his life altho he reads the game brilliantly

  • RedbyDawn // October 25, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    Who are these 3 midfielders then you fucking plank? For either Chelsea or Liverpool?

    Scholes was good but he was no Gerrard – just some ginger with a tiny cock.

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