Out of the Frying Pan

And the next Hull manager is: David O’Leary

Hurry up, Phil – the taxi’s outside

Its just a young golfcart, dont expect too much

The resignation of Paul Duffen as Hull City Chairman, and the imminent arrival of Adam Pearson at the club can only mean one thing. Hull fans, get behind the sofa – David O’Leary is on his way.

Pearson was the Commercial Director of Leeds United during O’Leary’s time there, but managed to get out in 2001 before it all went a little bankrupt. The two have since remained firm friends, and Villa fans will recall a 3rd Round FA Cup tie back in 2006 (when O’Leary’s Villa won 1-0 at the KC,) in which the Irish scoundrel spent much of the game waving and winking at the Hull chairman. Post-match O’Leary added:

“I always look out for Hull’s results because I know Adam Pearson, the chairman here, very well from our days together at Leeds and really like him.”

Hull fans – are you ready to be told you have a young side and not to expect too much. Leave us your thoughts below…

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  • MwepuLlunga // October 29, 2009 at 11:47 am

    It’s always been slightly bewildering as to why O’Leary’sgot such a bad press. Taking Leeds to Champions League qualification was incredibly impressive and his time at Villa wasn’t too bad when considering he had Doug Ellis as a chairman. Exactly why is O’Leary tainted by the Leeds days, if Chelski had of turned round to Mourinho after a couple of years and started selling players would he of been blamed for the subsequent decline…

  • Phil in Hull // October 29, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    O’Dreary – OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!

    I have just gone through the PapdyPower list on their website- hmmm not really sure about any of them .
    Curbishly – cant see him coming north of Watford Gap
    Southgate and McClaren- neither have anything startling to stand them out.
    Bilic- no real ties to the Tigers- and can’t see him leaving Croatia for us!

    Coppell or Ferie JR would be fairly interesting.
    One name not linked- but certainly not in a job at the moment is Big Phil Scolari- currently in Uzbekistan- although I don’t think we could match the wages they are paying!!!

  • Clarkeonenil.co.uk // October 30, 2009 at 6:56 am

    So just to clarify, Brown isn’t up to the job, O’L has one of the best PL records of the British Isles managers but Phil in Hull would rather die….nice.

    Here is a thing, when it turns out the next Hull manager is Windass because your bankrupt you remember you want Scolari….it must be something in the fish!

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