Jack Warner returns FA gift after ‘facing indignities’

Let’s hope they kept the receipt…


Weeks after The FA was embroiled in a row over appearing to buy off the FIFA‘s executive committee (or at least their wives) with designer handbags, in the hope of securing some votes for England’s World Cup 2018 bid, FIFA vice-prez Jack Warner has decided he doesn’t want his anymore.

The £230 Mulberry bag has been sent back, along with a tear-stained letter claiming it’s brought him nothing but bad press:

Had [my wife] or I known then that the acceptance of what we all felt was a kind gesture would have resulted in the tainting of her character and mine together with the untold embarrassment to which we are still being subjected, none of us would have attended the dinner, nor would she have accepted what we thought was a gift in honour of her birthday [We'll assume she thought it was in honour of the all the other wives' birthdays as well - The Spoiler]

I have faced and continue to face all kinds of indignities from all manner of persons, but when these insults touch my wife, it represents an all time low.

After blowing his nose and wiping any excess tears, Warner continued:

No one has sought to correct this betrayal in a way that would unequivocally remove any doubt or question not only in the global village at large but among my few peers where honour is valued and character is cherished.

The Spoiler demands justice! Ideas that a man who

would ever be implicated in any sort of bribery scandal are completely unfair and without merit.

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  • John // November 5, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    You can’t brag about yourself in that manner can you? Others have to say you have charactor and honor…otherwise you sound like a douchebag.

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