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What next for Mr Babel?

Oh, great timing Ryan – just brilliant!

Ryan Babel

Taking the lead from another grumbling winger, Ryan Babel has taken it upon himself to ignite the flames of managerial wrath by speaking out about his terrible footballing woes (featured in today’s Sun), published on the day of Liverpool’s must-win game aginst Debrecen.

In the case of Nani at Man United, a hunch suggests that the Ferguson hairdryer probably came out blazing. Benitez, however, might prove a rather more silent nut to crack.

“I have tried to talk to the manager but it isn’t of any use. I couldn’t really do anything with the feedback Benitez gave me.”

The likely scenario for both players is that they will be shipped out sooner rather than later. Both arrived on these shores in 2007, and looked like magnificent prospects – even with the hefty price tags – but neither have done much more than show very occasional flashes of undoubtable talent, which, frankly, makes them all the more frustrating to watch.

Babel, in particular, has done a pretty good self-detonation job by bitching about the divide in the Liverpool dressing room, most notably highlighting his non-relationship with his Holland team mate, Dirk Kuyt, who, apparently, gets along quite well with Spanish speakers. “It looks as if he understands their jokes,” deadpans Babel. He further describes how he has basically decided to stop passing the ball.

Yet, as very well pointed out on The Telegraph website today, Babel only has himself to blame. He showed tonnes of promise in his first season at Anfield, but he hasn’t moved forward, and is now firmly behind Benayoun – a player who arrived at the same time, with a lesser fanfair – in the pecking order. The clever money would suggest that he’ll be off in January, having clearly now lost the faith of the dressing room. But where should he go? Let us know with a comment.

In other Liverpool news, Yossi Benayoun has revealed that it wasn’t a horse’s placenta that fixed his leg, it actually belonged to a woman. An actual human woman. Eww!

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  • MwepuLlunga // November 25, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    Did Nani really look like a ‘magnificent prospect’ when he first moved!? Apart from the occasional cameo against cr*p opposition he was pretty much the same he is now. A very poor man’s Ronaldo. In his defence he looks a lot better playing for Portugal so perhaps a move would do him good. In Babel’s defence Benitez’s lack of motivational skills are pretty well known, perhaps explains why wither established or extremely talented players such as Carragher, Gerrard and Torres (I’ll let you guess who the established one is) tend to play well and new comers and youngsters tend to struggle. Would perhaps also explain the high player turn over.

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