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Arsene Wenger, Modric injury update, and Guti transfer…

Remeber this guy (on the left)?

Luka Modric 

Many football neutrals will probably view the weekend’s Merseyside Derby as the equivalent of the pre-movie cartoon, with Chelsea travelling to the Emirates later in the afternoon.

It should be a corker, and the rumblings coming from the finest football restaurants concern the Arsenal defence. Gallas‘ fitness is in the balance, but there’s talk of playing Silvestre at left back should the slightly more irrational of the two Frenchmen pull through in time.

Arsene Wenger certainly seems up for the match, viewing it as something of a coming-of-age moment for his young squad. He said this (courtesy of The Guardian):

“I think there is a period for any team to come out and show its strengths. For my team, this moment has come.”

Elsewhere in the world, it seems that there might finally be some progress on the Luka Modric injury situation, if Harry Redknapp is to be believed.

“Luka’s coming on slowly, gradually getting there, but we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.”

And a report in The Mail suggests that Real Madrid’s 33-year-old vice captain, Guti, is on his way to either Man United or Man City in the New Year.

Word has it that he’s so keen to get away from Spain that he’s taken up English lessons – lessons which probably won’t remotely help him navigate his way through a Ferguson hairdryer, unfortunately.

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  • Nicko // November 28, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    Guti at United or City? Can’t see it. He’s been pretty poor for Madrid the last two years, and I can’t see how he would improve either team.

    I would say he would be more likely signing for the likes of Liverpool/Sunderland. Or heading to somewhere like Ajax/PSG

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