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Player of the Year, says Lawrenson

Nicolas Anelka

He might lack the eloquence and dreamy sense of style of a John McCririck, but Mark Lawrenson still knows a sure thing when he sees one. And he saw one last night, damn it.

Talking after the Arsenal/Chelsea match highlights on MOTD2, the second or third best Liverpool-defender-turned-pundit threw his hat into the ring, with a bold declaration that Nicolas Anelka shall be crowned PFA Player of the Year come next summer.

Most turf accountants appear to have around ten names vying for the spot above the Frenchman – the likes of Rooney, Torres, Drog-Drog, JT, Gerro, Fabsie, Michael Essien, and that dinky little trickster Arshavin. But if you fancy taking Lawrenson on his word, you can get Anelka odds of around 28/1 at Paddy Power.

Get right on it!

Then blame Lawro if you lose!

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  • Joe // November 30, 2009 at 10:03 am

    To be fair, Anelka probably has the greatest contribution to Chelsea games.

    Makes runs for Drogba, and scores when Drogba isn’t there.

    He should be well ahead of Torres, Arshavin, and Gerrard.

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