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Wenger’s North Londonisation continues

Stroppy Arsene Wenger – getting angrier

Arsene Wenger 

It’s been quite a couple of weeks for Arsene Wenger, as the man who turned 60 just over a month ago appears to be morphing into an angry and embittered 16-year-old ASBO from Finsbury Park, North London.

Just last week, he decided to drag a routine press conference into the gutter with a few choice expletives – specifically by using the F-word during a conversation about Theo Walcott. Then, he turned up at The Emirates on Sunday to watch the Chelsea match, wearing the choice outfit of glue sniffers and telephone box vandals.

Then, to cap it all, he decided to forsake the traditional post-match handshake with the opposition manager last night, and instead stomped down the tunnel, quite probably muttering to himself about how unfair life can be.

Questioned as to why he’s behaving in such a curious manner, the Arsenal man said this:

“I’m free to shake hands with whom I want after the game.”

“I have nothing more to say about it. Yes it is (professional courtesy to shake hands). Perhaps I have no professional courtesy.”

Mark Hughes was particularly disgruntled, but, like, get over it Mark. Arsene Wenger didn’t ask to be born, yeah? 

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  • ali // January 12, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    mark hughes shouldn’t have kept stepping on Wenger turf dennnnnnn

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