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Lahm to City, Keane to Celtic, Carew to Turkey…

Take a good look, Wayne Bridge. Your new enemy

Philipp Lahm

Whilst the rest of the nation stares mindlessly at the office clock, willing Christmas to come early this year, hard working sports journalists have been working around the thing, desperately clawing at clues that might shed some light on the January transfer market. Here’s what we know today…

According to the Telegraph, Wayne Bridge’s startling fall from grace could result in a bumpy landing and a seat back on his beloved bench, with rumours that Philipp Lahm could be calling time on Bayern Munich and heading over to Man City. It would set the robed gentlemen back around £12 million.

They also report that John Carew might yet make Emile Heskey’s Villa dreams come true by buggering off to Fenerbahce for about £5 million in the New Year.

Over in the gorgeous Mirror offices, the big news is that Robbie Keane will probably be bidding another Tottenham farewell – this time to head even further up north to play for a team called Celtic. They’re very big in Scotland.

And the word on the street at The Sun is that Zola likes the look of that podgy Adriano character, who used to cause all manner of problems – both on and off the pitch.

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