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United chiefs look to their own children to solve crisis

Big night for Oliver Gill’s daddy

David Gill

Whilst the children at Arsenal continue to struggle up front, up in beautiful Manchester, it’s the other end of the pitch that has been causing all manner of whirring sounds in the meticulous Ferguson brain.

He’s now without eight of his defenders - namely: Vidic, Ferdinand, Brown, Neville, Rafael, Fabio, O’Shea, and Evans. So the word on the street (or specifically on the BBC) is that he might give his chief executive’s little boy a run-out in the Champions League tonight. Again, naming names – Oliver Gill, son of David.

“I had my own son in the squad for four or five years and he was treated exactly the same as any other member of the squad. It will be the same for Oliver.”

Apparently the young defender is both tall and commanding, so says the United website. And his decision to forsake going to university in favour of playing a bit of footie has certainly impressed his manager:

“We admire him for that.”

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