Not great nights for Liverpool or Arsenal…

Liverpool 1-2 Fiorentina

Liverpool’s rather flaccid Champions League campaign ended with a whimper, as they failed to deliver a rousing swan song at home against Fiorentina.

Of course, none of that stopped cheerful Senor Benitez from locating a silver lining.

“It is the beginning of a new season for us now, I hope.”

“To see Aquilani, to see Torres, those were the real positive things for the next match and the rest of our season.”

Their opponents for the next match didn’t fare much better. See highlights of the Arsenal game after the jump.

(Videos spotted at 101 Great Goals)

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  • fourstar // December 10, 2009 at 10:37 am

    I thought the he Arsenal Under 9s did rather well, creating chances (if not finishing them) and containing their much-more-experienced opponents for most of the game (Ramsey was outstanding).

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