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Bentley signs Spurs death warrant during practice match

David Bentley – a bit annoying

David Bentley

It’s been quite a few days for football rucks between players and managers, and the latest pair to fall out are David Bentley and Harry Redknapp. Although, thankfully, in this case Redknapp spared his player the naked headbutt treatment.

It does look, however, like Bentley will now be flogged on the quick in January, after he managed to infuriate his boss by repeatedly dicking around during a midweek practice match.

According to today’s Express, Bentley was lined up to play against Julian Dicks’ lowly Grays Athletic team – a Blue Square Premier side - and he spent the entire game doing pointless back-heels and hoofing the ball like a cretin.

Harry was not best pleased, apparently, and was overheard yelling at the player about how he can’t wait to sell him in January. Or something.

And why not?

Bentley’s been on borrowed time for a while at Spurs, and it seems like this was the last straw. He’ll be off.

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  • Mark // December 11, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    What a muppet. Arrogant and alyhough talented not close to personality like a Paul Scholes or Ledly King (many many others). Players like them take adversity in their stride and give 100% in training and in matches. Please let him go. A mssive disappointment.

  • ron // December 12, 2009 at 9:42 am

    If our club are serious about getting in to C.L then we can’t aford players like Bentley.
    Lot’s of things need to change at the club and the first pace to start, is with the personal then when we have the right people in, then we can start with the playing mentality.

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