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Beattie to Liverpool, James to Spurs, and more…

Another great Benitez signing?

James Beattie

Whilst the rest of the nation was getting high on that hot spicy wine stuff that people seem to love at this time of year, some unsung heroes spent the weekend digging around the murky world of football transfers. Here’s what was grasped through the mists of a seriously intense hot wine hangover:

With his brain still smudged by the sight of a naked old man trying to smash his nose with his forehead, James Beattie is calling time on his Stoke interlude. Word from The People suggests that he might just be the man to muscle up alongside Fernando Torres in Liverpool’s team of also-rans come 2010.

David James looks set to become reunited with Harry Redknapp for around £2 million, as Portsmouth fight to fend off any problematic bank managers during their Eastenders-style Christmas, so says The Sunday Express.

And in big foreign player news, Wenger could yet splash out on Rafael van der Vaart, who can play pretty much anywhere in the midfield – but probably not up front.

Plus, according to the men with pipes at The Mail on Sunday, Chelsea are going to throw 40 million big ones at Sergio Aguero.

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