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Big words from Benitez, Berbatov still scared…

So that’s one top four finish… coming up!

Rafa Benitez

Desperate times often call for rather reckless measures, and Benitez has certainly played a hand in his future today, by “guaranteeing” Liverpool a top four finish. A statement that might sway the fans back into his favour in the short term, but also one that could conceivably spew egg all over his face come the season’s end.

Either way, these were his exact words, as featured on the BBC:

“I can guarantee we will finish in the top four.”

Bold move.

Elsewhere in the world, Berbatov is rather unfashionably still going on about his whopping price tag – that’s so 2008!

He said this to The Express:

“Every person is different in coping with the pressure of the price tag. Every person thinks differently. For me, sometimes it is difficult because people expect so much of me.”

Oh, stop whining man!

And kindly Oliver Kahn has stepped in to defend Jens Lehmann after things have started going the shape of the pear in Stuttgart.

“Perhaps it is better for him if he retired now.”

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  • Josie // December 15, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    I see the Kahn/Lehmann rivalry is still in full effect.

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