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VOTE: The Spoiler’s Player of the Year, shortlist revealed!

Has Wazza done enough to float your onions?

Wayne Rooney 

After another fine year of men hoofing a ball around some wonderful stadiums, old women all around the country will be angrily debating the country’s best players over the coming Christmas weeks - who really has been the greatest Premier League player of the year?

The votes have been flooding in, and the original 40 names have now been whittled down to just ten. Keep on voting, as the list will be further chopped to leave the two top players to go head-to-head over Crimbo.

Remember, this is for YOUR player of the year. Cast your votes after the jump, and feel free to leave a lovely comment. 

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  • TruBlue82 // December 15, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    Oy Mate, Why are there players who are long gone on the list? You taking the piss?

  • Phil // December 16, 2009 at 10:14 am

    TruBlue82 – The clue is in the title of the article, ‘Player of the Year’, that meaning 2009. Included in said year were the months of January through May, or, the second half of the previous Premier League campaign. During those particular months, those on the list, as you rightly point out who are ‘long-gone’, were, as far as I am aware, gracing the pitches of their respective clubs and hence their inclusion (although obviously, they can only be judged on half a year as opposed to their incumbent counterparts). Sorted…!

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