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Bentley and Pav won’t go on the cheap, says Redknapp

Pavlyuchenko – showing signs of unhappiness, apparently


It’s never really been in doubt that David Bentley and Roman Pavlyuchenko will be rocketing towards the Spurs exit in January. The former signed his death warrant about a week ago, when he upset Harry by dicking around in a practice match.

And Pavlyuchenko has basically been whining for months – the whisper is that he wants to return home to icy Russia. Has done for ages.

But who will take them?

According to today’s Daily Mail, Harry won’t let the pair move unless the price is right.

“David would like to move, there is no doubt about that. He feels he needs to move on and play. Obviously Pav wants to move but we are not mad to sell them. They are not going cheap and are both good players.”

Players who might even dust down their boots against Man City this evening.

There have been rumours of big name moves to the likes of Man City, Liverpool or Arsenal saving either of these players from their Tottenham slumber.

But is that just big talk? Let us know your thoughts on potential destinations with a comment.

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  • Darren Fletcher's mum // December 16, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    Should Becks decide to stay at AC, maybe the other DB could go to the Galaxy

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