Big Trouble

Stand back everyone, Redknapp’s on the rampage!

Robbie Keane – going fishing?

Robbie Keane

Listen, right, when Harry Redknapp says there will be no Christmas this year, he means it. You know that. He knows that. Pretty much everyone knows that.

Unfortunately, sixteen Spurs players didn’t know that.

But they probably do now.

In light of the reports of frolicking and tops-off cocktails (presumably) in sunny Ireland, Redknapp said this, as reported in today’s Guardian:

“It was wrong and it will be dealt with. Severely. It will be dealt with.”

“It’s being dealt with internally and we’ll keep it in-house. I will be dealing with it after the weekend. We’ve got a game to concentrate on – we’ll sort the game out, then I’ll sort them out. Believe you me, it will get sorted out.”

“Dealing” with things? “Sorting” things out?

Now, don’t anyone panic, but it looks like Robbie Keane is going to get whacked.

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