The Big Question

Were Man City right to get rid of Mark Hughes?

Hughes – “no forewarning” apparently. He should have read this

Mark Hughes

The country will be split down the middle with mourners this morning, some lamenting the loss of the Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy, who died of old age at just 32. Whilst the rest will still be reeling from Mark Hughes’ shock departure from Man City.

But, really, is it that much of a shock? The Mark Hughes sacking (not the Brittany Murphy “natural causes” stuff)?

It was recently reported that the players have been relentlessly bickering and grabbing one another’s throats in the Man City dressing room. His superstars – Robinho in particular – have been anable to catch fire under the Welshman’s leadership.

And with the January transfer window just days away from opening, might the lure of a three time Serie A winning manager trump one who has only ever made for a decent also-ran?

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