Confused Man

“Why play the Nations Cup in January?” asks Avram Grant

Grant – baffled


With quite a number of his players off to Africa next month to play in the Africa Cup of Nations, Avram Grant appears confused as to why it is that the competition takes place in January. He said this, as reported by the BBC:

“I’ll say it again – I don’t know why Fifa allow this.”

“I don’t know why they have the Nations Cup in January, the players go two weeks before and need time to recover.”

Well, Avram, the reasons for the timing of this football spectacular appear to be multifold.

The principle reason seems weather-based, with much of Africa ravaged by the rain during June/July, during a period known as “wet season”. Were the competition shifted, it would mean that countries such as Ghana and Botswana (to name but two) would have little chance of hosting the thing.

Plus, being a biennial competition that takes place during every even-numbered year, every other one would end up clashing with the World Cup.

The good news for Grant is that in 2008 Sepp Blatter announced that he has plans to move the competition away from January and towards June. The bad news is that it probably won’t happen for at least another six years.

Hopefully, that should ease your mind, Mr Grant.

You’re very welcome.

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