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“Stay here, I’ll be back in a bit,” says Mancini to wife… kind of

Mancini – doesn’t count chickens


Anyone who has ever had a job knows that you should never get too carried away. If you apply for a mortgage, a few credit cards, and propose marriage on the basis that you are now earning good money, chances are that Lady Luck will swoop down and deliver an almighty cock punch by getting you sacked during your probation period.

It’s a cruel world like that.

Which sheds no small amount light on the inner workings of Roberto Mancini’s football mind, as he has told his wife and children to hold off until the summer before making any decisions about moving to Manchester. Until then, he’ll make good in one of the city’s beautiful travel lodges… presumably.

According to today’s Daily Mail, the Italian is fully aware that he was City’s third choice manager, behind Hiddink and Mourinho, and if he doesn’t manage a Champions League spot come the season’s end, then he might go the way of the Hughes.

An Italian “source” has said this:

“… there is no way he is going to move his whole life over to England for something that, for all he knows, may last only a few months.”

Ahh, sweet optimism.

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  • Part-time Pundit // December 23, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    To an Italian the glass is never half full nor half empty. Instead, the glass has been poisoned and it shouldn’t be drunk in the first place!

    Whatever the case, it should make for an intriguing end to the season though.

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