The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First Liverpool team of the Millennium

He shoots… he doesn’t score!


With the New Year quietly flirting upon the horizon, The Spoiler has taken the opportunity to bid “ahoy” to some of the lovely teams that graced beautiful stadiums at the beginning of the Millennium.

Below is how Liverpool lined up when they paid a [...]

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Confused Man

“Why play the Nations Cup in January?” asks Avram Grant

Grant – baffled


With quite a number of his players off to Africa next month to play in the Africa Cup of Nations, Avram Grant appears confused as to why it is that the competition takes place in January. He said this, as reported by the BBC:

“I’ll say it [...]

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Nightmare before Christmas

Fernando Torres stands by his man… ager


Torres and Benitez

It must be pretty bleak in the Benitez household at the moment. A beautiful tree that glitters and sparkles, numerous boot and ball shaped gifts underneath, the whole thing slightly ruined by the sounds of hysterical sobbing and mirrors being smashed in the toilet.


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Transfer News

Rafa Benitez to look to Liverpool’s past for inspiration

Literary SPOILER alert!

Emile Heskey

Without wanting to get far too hoity toity about it, there is a wonderful line in The Great Gatsby that goes something like:

“Can’t repeat the past?… Why of course you can!”

In that example, a deluded millionaire was attempting to relive his early [...]

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