Transfer Talk

Mancini’s dream line up REVEALED… kind of

Might it look a little something like THIS?

Man City

Over the weekend, there was much speculation - mostly coming from the throbbing football brains at The Times - about which names might appear on the Mancini wish list for the January transfer window, the combined cost of which would be absolutely astronomical.

But, [...]

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Watch out planet, Craig Bellamy is absolutely livid!

“Craig is getting upset!”

Craig Bellamy

Something about his body language suggests that Craig Bellamy is not to be crossed. You can see it in his eyes. In his taut angry shoulders. In the way he yells furiously whenever anyone dares to look at him.

He’s the kind of man who would frighten [...]

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The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First Chelsea team of the Millennium

Tall one’s Flo. Little one at the back – Wise.


With the “noughties”, or “noughts”, quickly fading, The Spoiler thought it about time that someone paid tribute to some of the football teams that first trotted out on to the pitch at the dawn of the new Millennium.

Today, [...]

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Transfer Talk

Lukaku scrap, Chamakh scuffle, Benzema skirmish…

The New Drogba – in demand


Of course, all eyes will now be on Man City during the transfer window, with murmurs suggesting that Mancini will be busily scrawling a list of presents on crumpled bits of paper, and delivering them to his team’s robed Santas in the next couple of [...]

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Terry Tours

John Terry’s £10,000 tours haven’t gone down too well

Footballer, great father, tour guide…

John Terry

Some might argue that anyone willing to part with £10,000 to have John Terry slowly circulating a training pitch, occasionally pointing to things and half-heartedly saying “goal”, “tree”, “Lampsie”, probably deserves to get stung.

But in actuality, it’s JT himself who looks set to [...]

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The Big Question

Were Man City right to get rid of Mark Hughes?

Hughes – “no forewarning” apparently. He should have read this

Mark Hughes

The country will be split down the middle with mourners this morning, some lamenting the loss of the Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy, who died of old age at just 32. Whilst the rest will still be reeling [...]

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Player of the year

VOTE: The Spoiler’s Player of the Year, head-to-head

Two men, one prize… well, no ACTUAL prize… just pride

Drogba and Giggs 

What started as a longlist of 40 players was whittled down to a shortlist of just ten, and now the votes have been counted, and The Spoiler’s Player of the Year will be contested between Ryan Giggs [...]

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