A big old list

A load of things and people that defined 2010

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, one and all. May 2011 be met with a bunch of pointless resolutions that’ll go flying out of the window within a week!

To celebrate, after the jump, you’ll find a rather higgledy-piggledy summation of the year just gone, consisting [...]

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Transfer Talk

Man United eye up Ashley Young, and other transfers…

Big night tonight. All over the country, shirts will be ironed, hair gelled and fashioned into a hot collection of clumps pointing in various different directions, and half of the planet will fall foul of drinking shots far too early. The rest of us will, of course, be sipping port and half-enjoying whichever former Comic [...]

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The Big Debate

Debate time: Where did it all go wrong for Liverpool?

No Roy, there shan’t be a statue


Like an old lush dining out on the same pub anecdote for years and years until what was once a thrilling tale has become a rather sorry lament, Liverpool’s glory years are fast becoming a depressing footnote for a [...]

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Spanish Drama

Hey Sara Carbonero! STAY AWAY from Cristiano Ronaldo!

Back off!

Sara Carbonero

Cast your mind back through the sherry-glazed fug of the last couple of weeks, and you might remember that The Spoiler lifted the Real Madrid curtain to reveal that absolutely everyone seems to think that Cristiano Ronaldo is a bit of a [...]

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Transfer Talk

Roll up, roll up! Get your cheap Ronaldinhos here!

One appalled Spoiler reader wasn’t keen on the Ashley Cole story below, insisting that The Spoiler should perhaps stick to making hilarious comments about Rafa Benitez in future. Sadly for “Livid from The Internet”, The Spoiler isn’t a fan of taking a pop at easy targets, so shall leave Senor Benitez well alone, and allow [...]

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Ashley Cole punched in the underpants by Google

Kayla Collins – Ashley’s future ex?

Kayla Collins

For all that is totally brilliant about modern technology, all of this advancement has a downside. Notably that it’s now damn near impossible to casually steamroller a whole host of women behind Cheryl Cole’s back and ever have [...]

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