Dry your eyes mate

Unhappy Liverpool stint almost over for Ryan Babel

Light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps?

Ryan Babel

As a toddler, there was no longer wait, no more growing anxiety, than expecting your mum to pick you up at the end of a long morning at playgroup, and finding her to be about six or seven minutes late. Needless to say, you’d be livid. You’d probably kick off. A couple of chocolate buttons would be her minimum fine.

All of which leads rather clumsily onto Ryan Babel, who has endured the adult version of this toddler sit-in ever since he threw his Liverpool toys from the pram – declaring that he was really upset about Rafa ignoring him – a couple of very long months ago. 

The good news is that his metaphorical mummy has finally arrived to pick him up from his continuing playgroup-gone-rubbish nightmare, in the form of Birmingham City, brandishing £8 million for the disgruntled winger.

Unfortunately, Liverpool will probably want more like £12 million.

BUT, before Ryan starts blubbing and blowing luminous green snot bubbles as he wanders the Liverpool training ground, screaming to the heavens, there is a distinct possibility that Birmingham will fight for their little boy.

As reported in today’s Independent, Alex McLeish said this:

“We won’t rule out a marquee signing, if there is someone out there who I think can make a huge difference to this team.”

See Ryan? Now dry those eyes, he might be talking about you.

Or, then again, he might not be.

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