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Cash in on this weekend’s match cancellations!

Put the big sticks away, guys


Snow might look cool, but it’s miserable stuff. Take a powdery ball to the face, that’s your day ruined. Convince yourself that a walk in it might be fun, you’ll soon be face down on the pavement, clutching your side, screaming for help. It’s rubbish. There is literally nothing good about snow.

Or so it seemed.

News just in is that the big throbbing minds over at Betfair have come up with a way to make this whole snowing business both great fun to look at, and profitable.

A book has just opened on how many Premier League matches will actually take place over the weekend.

Click here to make your bets, then get down on your chilly knees and beg cruel Mother Nature to continue with this frosty inconvenience. 

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  • uncle // January 6, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    This is not open to corruption in any way

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