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Seriously, we’re cool, says Vidic

Vidic – happy? Or lying?


No doubt those who support Man United will have been rather tetchy over the last couple of days. It’s snowing outside, everyone’s feeling angry anyway, and then Nemanja Vidic – so wonderful at hoofing balls in the opposite direction of his own goal – has been showing tell-tale signs of a malcontent.

Only yesterday, it was reported that he might yet head off to sunny Spain.

Man, life really sucks sometimes.

But fear not. According to all of today’s most urgent periodicals, the Serbian footballer was genuinely injured before Sunday’s woeful match against Leeds, and, actually, him and Sir Alex Ferguson really like each other. They’re like mates.

“Everyone in the club knows that I have a marvelous understanding with my coach Ferguson.”

“Moreover I’m not unhappy at Old Trafford.”

So that’s settled. Brilliant.

Or is it?

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  • Olja // May 12, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    Lol he didn’t say he was happy though…..

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