The Babel Saga

Birmingham really want Babel… like REALLY want him

Is Babel Birmingham bound?

Ryan Babel

Regular users of eBay will be well aware of the headrush that comes from winning an auction. Even, frankly, if it’s not for an item that you particularly wanted/needed. There’s just something about bidding more and more money that makes you feel alive.

It doesn’t matter that you spent £87 on a Swiss Army Knife, you WON! You fended off the competition. Now you can open a tin of beans in a forest.

God you’re handsome.

Anyway, the analogy is not wasted, as it could easily be applied to Birmingham City in their ongoing quest to land Ryan Babel – a man who has presumably now become less a “footballer”, and more a “point to prove” for the club.

With their bid now increased to £10 million, landing the Dutchman would surely signal the team’s arrival as a force to be reckoned with. A place where big club naval gazing bench warmers can actually get some first team action.

But it’s not over yet. As reported in today’s Mirror, Babel’s agent, Winnie Haatrecht, said this:

“The offer has not been rejected yet, but I can say, in general terms, Ryan would still like to be successful with Liverpool. If the people at Anfield feel it is better for him to leave, though, then we have to think about starting a new chapter in his career.”

Can we hear £11 million? Anyone? £11 million? Ryan Babel?

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