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Fear not, Liverpool fans, cover for Torres has arrived!

Carragher, meet your new team mate


Whilst Ryan Babel thinks up new ways to infuriate Rafa Benitez – perhaps by setting up some kind of “Who else thinks that Rafa Benitez is a big Spanish meanie?” Facebook group, or going for the classic “dog poo through the letterbox” trick – Kenwyne Jones looks set to become Liverpool’s next star pupil.

The Sunderland striker has been heavily pursued by the gentlemen in suits who call the shots at Birmingham, but now looks likely to join Liverpool on loan for the rest of the season, according to today’s Daily Mail.

He will, of course, provide pretty decent cover for Fernando Torres, who will reportedly be out clasping his leg for around six weeks, having enjoyed a spot of weekend keyhole surgery. But, Liverpool’s attempts to do a swapsie with Babel for the player fell on deaf ears.

All of which will presumably do nothing for poor little Ryan’s confidence, as he wanders the streets around Anfield, luminous green snot caking his top lip, hyperventilating to anyone who will listen that he’s just been told off again, and now he just wants to go home.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for him. Almost.

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  • assasin // January 18, 2010 at 10:48 am

    Cover for torres… what but we have “Ngog” isnt he the one who is doing such a fantastic job??? we dont need anyone else do we???… we have this useless dipsh*te that cant pass, cant dribble, trips over himself… lets get rid of babel and keep this wanka!!!

  • FT9 // January 18, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Rafa’s a tube!! he buys Babel (one of europes top young strikers at the time), converts him to a winger, then buys a player no one has ever heard of to fill in for torres… theres defenitely a few loose screws there!! not only that but in babels first season he scored around ten goals as a winger, (which isnt his natural position) now would be a perfect time to play babel as a striker and tell him to prove what he can do but rafas so stubborn that hed rather stick with the under par players he believes should be playing at the top level such as lucas and ngog!

  • Bob // January 18, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    the comments above prove that this website at least has one use; it keeps these uneducated idiots busy.

  • sdnds // January 18, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    FT9 … ryan babel is shit, he doesnt deserve to wear the shirt..
    and you dont think lucas is any good? you are kidding arent you..
    lucas has been one of of best players of the season, better than gerrard infact

  • Andy Blo // January 18, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    I agree LUCAS has been excellent,Gerrard has been a sulky shite,i watch every game and he has really been shocking.If you think Lucas is shit then you dont know your football,just copy what others say.

  • Andy Blo // January 18, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    Babel is shite,one of the crappest players to ever wear a liverpool jersey.Babel runs with his head down,cant pass cant dribble,cant go past anyone,has poor vision,poor distribution,no real balance,he can run fast,but hey so could cunta kinte.

  • Mike // January 18, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    The fact that Lucas is having a good season at Liverpool shows how bad the team is. 21 games no goals 5 yellows. Everytime I’ve seen him he looks Championship quality at best.

  • Stenon1 // January 18, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Well said Bob! Get behind Rafa and stop listening to the Manc and London biased media. He will pull it round. The media actually fear Rafa because he showed last season that Liverpool are capable of beating Man Utd and Real Madrid. This team is almost the same as last season. We have had some bad injuries and bad decisions go against us but we are still in contention for a Champions League spot. Stop listening to the media and get behind Liverpool and Rafa in particular – he is the ONLY man for the job.

  • Chris // January 19, 2010 at 12:03 am

    I agree with Mike. If Lucas is our top player (an avarage player at best) then that shows level of our high standard has dropped dramatically and result have easily proven that we r u CRAP!!! I still think the £38m spent on aquilani and Johnson has cost us!! When that money could of got us three players including a backup for torres!

  • thejay // January 19, 2010 at 3:17 am

    are u guys retarded? and no.. i dont want an answer. lucas is at most mediocre, trying to replace xabis role as a creative player with lucas is just.. yes u guessed right.. retarded.. but this is what the situation looks like and if people like chris and rafa would stop thinking “quantity” and start thinking “quality” we would have a versatile team in a couple of seasons that could still manage to produce even without stevie g and torres!

  • assasin // January 19, 2010 at 9:00 am

    oh make me laugh… bob sounds like he is 10yrs old listening believing what crap the media give him… sdnds, im sure i heard rafa say babel had excellent pre-season and improved as a player… lucas has had a very good season by his standards, but not to the standards of LFC, he is still miles away… if he is our measurement god help us… Andy Blo, your confused… your talking about #24 ngog… he is the one that is useless, you should watch a whole game and not just the hightlights… through out the whole season we have been below par, every single player has been crap, all of them from the keeper to the forwards to the reserves, no one has worn the shirt with pride… not even carra… the question is why? the answer is simple, the is no unity in the group since xabi left… he was a rock that held everything together and rafa wanted to sell him for Barry… that is where he stuffed up… but getting back to cover for torres, my question is why do we have good to great reserve players, like Nemeth and others, but send them out on loan??? bring them back and blood them in…

  • samuel charles // January 19, 2010 at 9:44 am

    all the plastic two second liverpool fans stand up! i bet most of the armchair fans who are swayed by talksport and sly sports and read crap papers like the mail, mirror and that other rag i will not even bother to speak off. WAKE up, do you really think rafa wanted dossena at the club, do you really think he would want players coming in on free transfers! er,,,, no.

    dossena was cheap compared to what spurs, man utd, chelsea pay for their full backs, degen was a free, so was voronin, and so is maxi, are you not getting it yet, over the last 3 transfers windows liverpool have not actually spend a new penny, FACT, and do not bother to argue with me i have every buy in figures in front of me! TELL WE WHY WHEN WE HAVE HAD OUR WORST INJURY PERIOD IN RECORD ARE WHY NOT SEEING THE OWNERS ACTING QUICKER TO BUY IN PLAYERS TO EVEN MAKE SURE OF A TOP FOUR FINISH! you want to blame anybody its the fucking yannks, now untill liverpool fans wake up and know that even if rafa goes, do you really think that is the way,,,,
    buy the way if you look at rafas team v stoke the total net cost of that 11 who started was this£ 43.6 million, are you telling me with having to sell to buy we can or should be doing alot better when we are clearly not investing on the first team, on top of this fact, the bench cost this £26 million, are you taking the piss, and buy the way , people wanted to see kids coming through, well 4 players that are coming through the system where on the bench and in the team squad for stoke, but rafa gets no credir for that does, he…… fuck off hicks and get out and take your other cunt with you,,,,

  • gary // January 20, 2010 at 8:39 am

    Rafa lost the dressing room when he done the dirty on Xabi..”I want Barry”..Xabi had his best season last year and decided to show Rafa what a big mistake he had made..Now he’s gone where are we now…7 defeats,no Champions league,no F.A cup,no Carling cup,no challenge for the Title,spent 250 million in 5 yrs…Yeah lets keep Rafa you lot are havin a laugh…..

  • Sheikh_al_dood // January 22, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Blimey, I had no idea it was only one thing that explained it all. And so many one things to choose from. It’s Rafa’s fault. It’s Lucas’s fault. It’s N’Gog’s fault. it’s Alonso’s fault. It’s the Yanks’ fault.

    A bad manager would never get us a record points tally, doubles over Utd and Chelsea and the most goals scored and STILL not win the league. How many other seasons would that have shut the Rafa haters up? It wouldn’t because they just don’t like him.

    If he’d won the league he wouldn’t have won it prettily enough, or with enough of a lead, or with any cups to go with it.

    Alonso lovers: players leave clubs. Get over it. Alonso has. Rafa didn’t want to lose him but he wasn’t part of the “two-man axis” which the media said Liveprool supposedly rely on and he wasn’t being chased by Real for that kind of money the season before. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but you’re grasping.

    Lucas has just turned 23. Alonso is 28. I could do everything better at 28. Lucas has been in the top 3 tacklers all season. But Alonso could pass, which is prettier. There are no passes without winning possession, though.

    Coincidentally, Masch has been one of the most successful passers, which would suggest Lucas has been winning it back for Masch to pick up and move on.

    Lucas can’t pass forward? Look at N’Gog’s goal against Utd again. End of the match, Lucas bombs forward surprising a tiring Utd, picks a pass up from Kuyt and plays it through to N’Gog with a forward pass. Simple, but very effective.

    N’Gog has scored 1 in 2.5 this season, in which he’s improved, but we haven’t. Tevez scored 1 in 3.4 for Utd last season and everybody’s saying Fergie was mad to let him go. He should’ve paid the £30m+ it was supposedly gonna cost him.

    And Babel lovers, have a word with yourselves. The one glaring failure Rafa has made is not getting this kid under control. Shanks would never have let a young player away with a belief that talent and tantrums are enough. Shanks would’ve told him to shape up, or ship out, exactly as Rafa has done. Shanks was all about hard work, whether training or peeling spuds. Keegan became great with hard work. He had little talent when Shanks bought him, y’know. Bye, Ryan. You had your chances. Write a rap about it. You seem to like working on that.

    So what’s my explanation for the perfect storm of a season? Injuries, confusion and media.

    We play zonal, which has been very effective in recent seasons despite the cliches, but it takes organisation and with a changing back 4 that’s ghoing to suffer. But changing to man-2-man wouldn’t have made the organising any easier and could’ve caused even more problems.

    Once a few results went against us we started in a downward spiral. When that happens you fix it from the back forward. Since the derby at the end of November (and before Spurs) only Spurs had leaked fewer goals. (We’ll be level now.) Over the season only City had leaked more. So leakage is down. Now we need to learn to score again the way we did 6 times against Hull. 2 for Kuyt is a step in the right direction. If Rafa does turn this season around he deserves congratulations because it’s a tough thing to do. Ask Allardyce, or Kinnear, or Shearer.

    And the media. They love a story. They’ll stretch it out if they can. And now it’s 24/7. Imagine if the Sky Sports News had gotten hold of the story of Shanks going along to training after he’d retired and it being a problem for Bob. There’d be questions of whether Bob was really the manager and was Bill going senile; there’d be ex-players’ opinions, other managers’ opinions, Bert and Ernie’s opinions, blah blah blah. We had no idea back then, so we, the fans, couldn’t go on internet forums to demand Bill get lost, or Bob get Bill back, or whatever and we couldn’t upset the team with a load of media blather that’s just noise over the important signal – they will never, never walk alone.

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