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Transfer news: Zaki’s back, and Robinho’s off!

“Hello Hull!”

Amr Zaki

It wasn’t so long ago that Spartacus-lookalike Amr Zaki looked tailor-made for the Premier League. Dave Whelan, Wigan’s chairman, thought he was a bit like Alan Shearer, and his then-manager Steve Bruce used big words like “awesome” to describe the Egyptian.

Then it all went a bit wrong.

After failing to come home after a World Cup qualifier, Bruce changed his tune about the striker, replacing “awesome” with “unprofessional”, before deciding that the Egyptian probably wasn’t cut out for Premier League life after all.

Well, now he’s back. The word on the street being that he’s decided to continue his tour of England’s most beautiful cities, and has just signed for Hull on loan until the end of the season.

What Steve Bruce makes of it all, no one knows.

In other news, having been delivered the cruelest cock-punch of them all by being subbed on and then off again over the weekend, Robinho’s days at Man City appear to be well and truly numbered. As expected, it looks like Barcelona might be lurking in the shadows with a large brick of money tightening their trousers.

Oh, and Ruud van Nistelrooy is still homeless.

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