CR7 reveals what’s in his man bag, Umbro don’t reveal much at all, and ‘Phone-a-WAG’

Also appearing on a computer near you …

Fleetwood Town’s Jamie Milligan stuffs one down the throat of a particularly cocky sweeper keeper [101GG]

Read David Pleat’s (really quite interesting) 50-year dream team, and marvel at Glenn Hoddle’s obscene shorts

Now you know what Ronaldo keeps in that man purse. We won’t say what for.

Umbro have revealed 1/86th of the new England away kit

Vladimir Weiss, considered a tasty prospect by Man City fans, is off to Bolton on loan

Last chance to phone Frank Lampard’s new girlfriend before she changes her number
[Daily Mail]

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  • Bokolis // January 22, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Love the goal music, although it might have been more apropos for the build-up.

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