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Four clubs scrapping over Klaas-Jan Huntelaar – but who?

Some nice Huntelaar goals

With a light wind now starting to make creaking noises on the current transfer window, it won’t be long before the damn thing slams shut, leaving the likes of Mister Mancini with bruised and bloodied fingers, screaming to the skies for more warning next time.

And, the word from all of the meatiest newspapers, is that he isn’t the only manager still prodding a few podgy didgits between the metaphorical net curtains, as Spurs, Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool have all been rumoured to be whispering tempting offers through the wind in the direction of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar – the Dutch striker who can’t quite cut the mustard at AC Milan.

As things stand, Everton’s boss David Moyes has thrown his cards on the table, saying this (according to today’s Daily Mail):

“If Huntelaar is available I would be interested.”

Whilst the other three clubs will surely be lurking in the shadows, with big piles of freshly ironed notes burning a hole in their thick winter cords.

Above are some great goals from the striker, who scored 76 in 92 matches for Ajax. Those are some lovely stats. 

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