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Transfer news: Yossi’s off, along with Babel, and more…

“Goodbye Fernando!”

Benayoun and Torres 

Like the final few moments of a tense game of cards, the coming days should hopefully find the straight-faced transfer window stand off morphing into a hysterical scramble to get as much out of the situation as possible.

There will surely be tears, high pitched screaming, and - fingers crossed – the sight of grown men frantically throwing coins, car keys, and erotic photographs of their wives at footballers, as they shout empty promises about how good the weather is in the north. Here’s some of today’s transfer news – thanks to the like of The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, and others…

The long-winded sagas of wingers-gone-rubbish could finally come to a close, with Tottenham’s supreme joker, David Bentley, heading off to West Ham, and Ryan Babel flouncing off to Sunderland, where he will either prove Benitez totally right, or completely wrong. Should the worst come to the worst, just thank Christ that he has a promising rap career to fall back on (more of that below).

In other Liverpool-related news, it now looks pretty likely that Benitez will lose Benayoun to Dynamo Moscow, stripping the team of their only consistent creative outlet. Fingers will surely be crossed that Dirk Kuyt can quickly learn how to do more on the pitch than just hurtle around like a golden retriever chasing a wasp. 

And Man United and Arsenal look set to fight it out for Fulham’s Chris Smalling. Hodgson, certainly, seems to think that the Smalling thumb print is United’s to lose. 

“The club has accepted an offer from United and as far as I know that’s where he’s going.”

“I know nothing about an offer from Arsenal. Sir Alex doesn’t make mistakes when he pays a lot of money for a young player because he realises in years to come he is going to seem very cheap.”

“We knew we had a diamond in our midst but when you are Fulham and you produce a diamond you’re always aware it can be taken away from you.”

Now enough about football. Let’s all sit back, unbutton our shirts, and enjoy the sounds of Ryan Babel.


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  • Stevie the K // January 27, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    FFS – Benayoun’s the only dependably creative and energizing non-gerrard midfielder they have. THAT makes sense…

  • Darren // January 27, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    @Stevie the K

    No, I think the original wording makes sense. Unless you count launching Hail Mary passes to Torres as “dependably creative and energizing”?

  • Richie // January 27, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    So does Benitez… pffff

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