Portsmouth Nightmare

Stand back everyone, Avram Grant is NOT HAPPY!

Grant – not laughing now


Had he not been cruelly snaffled by the cold hand of death a couple of years ago, The Spoiler would half expect Jeremy Beadle to appear from underneath a big fluffy mascot head at Fratton Park, head slowly over to Avram Grant smiling like a Cheshire Cat, as the Portsmouth boardroom holds their sides and exchange a few uncoordinated high fives.

It was all a set-up Avram! A big hilarious set-up! You’ve been “Merked”!

Then Younes Kaboul might appear from out of eyeshot, chuckling to himself, as hidden money rains down from the heavens.

Unfortunately, as it is, Avram’s nightmare is terrifyingly real, and the word from today’s Daily Mail is that the Pompey boss is so livid that Kaboul and Begovic have been flogged to Spurs behind his back, that he offered his resignation yesterday.

In the case of Kaboul – Spurs have taken the defender for around £8million, but were still owed £2million from the £6million sale to Portsmouth in 2008, a deal which also stated that Tottenham would receive 15 per cent of any profits made when the player was sold on. So, basically, they’ve got him for free or something.

Add the fact that it looks like the Portsmouth players won’t be paid on time for the fourth time in five months, and chief exec Peter Storrie, who said this (below), might just have a point:

“It makes you wonder what one is doing there at the moment.”

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