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Avram just fancied a massage, says Mrs Grant

Avram – a bit stressed

Avram Grant

It’s hard to find a good inner city massage these days, what with all of the sex on offer, so far be it from The Spoiler to make any presumptions about what Avram Grant may or may not have been up to in his local brothel in December.

Certainly, the Portsmouth manager has convinced his wife that he just nipped in for a couple of hours to have an innocent Premier League manager rubdown. Not “the full shag”, which would reportedly set a man back around £130.

As reported in today’s Telegraph, Tzofit Grant said this:

“I don’t understand all the fuss.”

“Avram loves massages, also Australian massages and Japanese massages, as well as having massages from Thai women.”

“He’s the manager of Portsmouth. Do you know how tough that is?”

“He’s a great manager stuck in a crappy team. He works so hard, he needs two massages a day, and from two women, not one.”

“Be reasonable; who goes to a brothel in the middle of the day while wearing a Portsmouth uniform when he knows he is a famous person?”

“The place in question is a massage parlour; a place where you get massages.”

What a gal.

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