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Gerrard’s discombobulated, and Fabregas might not go…

Steven Gerrard, right

Steven Gerrard

Well, John Terry can breathe a small sigh of relief, as his front page star begins to fade with news that the fashion designer Alexander McQueen decided to call time on it all, and will surely now dominate the red tops and broadsheets well into the weekend.

Terry, at best, can expect a double page spread in the early teen pages. Saved by fashion. Anyway, The Spoiler shan’t be shifting focus from important football news to entertain such morbid pieces, and here’s what the papers are saying today:

Both Chelsea and Man United have been put on at least beige alert with news that Sergio Aguero - a big Chelsea target for a while now – has been overheard muttering something about not staying at Atletico Madrid for the rest of his life.

These were his exact words:

“I have enormous affection for Atletico but you cannot say I’ll be here for ever.”

Steven Gerrard is both discombobulated, a bit livid – and then probably discombobulated again – about Howard Webb’s decision not to award Liverpool with a game saving penalty at the end of last night’s Arsenal revival.

“The referee told the Liverpool wall in the first half that if anyone raises their arms above their waist he was going to give a penalty,” said the England midfielder.”

“So for some crazy reason he didn’t give it. He told me after the game he hadn’t seen it.”

“It was unbelievable and I can’t believe he didn’t see someone raise their hands in the wall.”

“We know over the course of a season sometimes you will get decisions and sometimes you won’t, but something so clear as that was hard to take, especially with the referee being Howard Webb.”

“I would say he is one of the best referees in the league so I am very surprised he didn’t see it.”

And everyone can now sit back, relax, and perhaps unbuckle their trousers – basically, just chill out – because Cesc Fabregas mightn’t be going to Barcelona in the summer after all.

“They denied it, I’ve denied it. I just want to focus on Arsenal.”

Well, that’s a huge relief. Sleep well, everyone.

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