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Rooney’s goal tally, Man City/Chelsea target, and more…

Rooney – could get 30?

Wayne Rooney

Big newspaper offices will be split down the middle today. On one side, those who stayed in, and feel fresh. On the other, those who thought it wise to attend the Brits, regardless that they’re at least fifteen years too old to ever stand a chance of getting steamrollered by JLS, probably four or five years older than the sniffing music execs who kept leaning back in their seats and bellowing for more wine, and considerably less self-assured than the magazine honchos who were clumsily attempting to flirt with The Saturdays.

And yet, sitting right in the middle of these two groups – much in the way of glue holding them together – are the football journalists. All with a light AC Milan/Man United hangover, but still with enough in the engine to forge forward with important stories. Here’s what we know today (thanks to the likes of The Guardian, The Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Telegraph)…

In a startling display of stating the obvious, Sir Alex Ferguson has declared that Wayne Rooney can go on to score 30 goals or more this season. The striker is, of course, already on 25. He said this:

“He could break 30.”

“This season in particular, over the last two months, there has been a marked improvement in his game. Confidence has a lot to do with it of course.”

“I just felt he had to improve his goalscoring, which is what he is doing now. His overall performance was absolutely devastating. Milan couldn’t handle him. They just couldn’t handle him.”

“He has to be regarded at the highest level, along with all the other players we know about.”

The Sevilla striker, Luis Fabiano - who has the impressive record of having scored 25 Brazil goals in just 36 matches – has caused numerous ears to suddenly prick up in Manchester and Chelsea, after suggesting that his days in Spain might soon be through.

“I have a year left on my contract and am happy at Sevilla. But things can change very quickly.”

By “very quickly”, it’s assumed that he means “by the summer”. City and Chelsea will reportedly go head-to-head for his thumb print.

Plus, Kenwyne Jones, who was a figure of much January transfer speculation, has been dropping hints about perhaps heading off to Liverpool during the sunnier months, having declared that a move to the club would be his “pinnacle”.

Whoever happens to be in charge by then might be very interested to know that. It won’t, apparently, be Guus Hiddink, who has just signed some papers that declare him manager of Turkey.

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