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Wolves get fined £25,000 for being naughty


Mick McCarthy

It opened much debate when Mick McCarthy chose to make ten changes to his team – fresh from beating Spurs – to face Man United in December, and today marks the end of that particular debate, because he’s been deemed a very naughty boy, and has now been punished.

As reported in today’s Daily Mail, the official statement from the Premier League reads like this:

“The Premier League Board has issued Wolverhampton Wanderers FC with a suspended £25,000 fine after deciding that the team fielded in their league fixture against Manchester United on 15 December 2009 was not full strength and therefore in breach of Rule E20.”

“The board also deemed that the club had failed to fulfill its obligations to the league and other clubs in the utmost good faith and was therefore in breach of Rule B13.”

“The board considered submissions from Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and had sympathy for the explanation submitted by the club in relation to similar cases from previous seasons. However the board ruled that this case could be differentiated from the other matches cited and that disciplinary action was warranted.”

“In coming to this decision the board also wants to put clubs on notice that any future rule breach of this nature would be subject to a disciplinary commission that would have available a full range of sanctions.”

Premier League managers, consider yourselves told.


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  • gamblino // February 18, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    This is an absolute sham considering the numberof times similar behaviour has gone unpunished elsewhere.

    More proof that the old boys running the premier league are completely out of touch with reality.

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