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Wright-Phillips wants cash, United want Villa

SWP – hungry for more… money

Shaun Wright-Phillips

Those who regularly visit inner city pubs will attest to the fact that short people are not to be messed with. Yes, they might be funny at first, with their cute little legs, and lovable hamster hands. But, five lagers in, and if you so much as sneeze at the wrong moment, they will brick you in the face.

Hence, the robed gentlemen at Man City better beware, because the word from today’s Daily Mail is that Shaun Wright-Phillips is on the warpath, demanding more money.

The dinky little winger still has two years left on his £80,000/week contract, but having since seen a swarm of players flood into the club on preposterous deals, he’s clearly decided that it’s his turn to get a bigger slice of the pie.

The only problem is that apparently he’s gone in way too high, and Man City are fully aware that no other club would pay even as much as they are now for the player. If he sticks to his guns, Wright-Phillips could yet be looking for a new home after the World Cup.

In other Manchester related news, as reported in today’s Mirror, Sir Alex Ferguson fancies having another bash at signing David Villa over the summer. His brother, Martin – a European scout for the club – has been keeping a close eye, and should Valencia fail to qualify for the Champions League, the Spanish club are likely to put him up for sale.

And over in Barcelona, Dani Alves has put the kibosh on any Chelsea transfer rumours by insisting that he’s happy at Barcelona, and won’t be going anywhere.

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