Classic World Cup Moments

Zidane revisits his old headbutting days

Zizou tonks Materazzi with his skull

After such a magnificent – or, if you want to get all French about it, magnifique – career as a footballer, no one will ever forget the time that Zinedine Zidane decided to impersonate a Scotsman saying hello to a giant, by landing one right in Marco Materazzi’s chest during the World Cup final.

It earned the great man a red card that day, but in a recent interview with El Pais, Zidane insists that he will never apologise to Materazzi for the inconvenience. In fact, he’d probably rather die:

“Of course I reproach myself, but if I say ‘sorry’, I would also be admitting that what he himself did was normal. And for me it was not normal. It is not an excuse. But my mother was ill. She was in hospital. This people did not know.”

“They insulted my mother and I never responded. But there [the headbutt] happened.”

“I apologise to football, to the fans, to the team… After the game, I went into the dressing room and told them, ‘Forgive me. This doesn’t change anything. But sorry everyone’.”

“But to him I cannot. Never, never…it would be to dishonour me…I’d rather die. If I ask him forgiveness, I lack respect to myself and to all those I hold dear with all my heart.”

Fair enough.


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  • Chomsky // March 2, 2010 at 11:15 am

    Good for Zizou! There is no need to apologize to that cretin. Materazzi’s mother should be the one apologizing for having given birth to such a monstrosity. She should have had an abortion.

  • taricco // March 2, 2010 at 10:01 pm


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