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Shhh, listen – Peter Beardsley’s talking about Defoe

Beardsley – great player, rubbish shin pads

Peter Beardsley 

When Peter Beardsley speaks, you listen. Mainly because you really have to concentrate on what he’s saying. But also because the man speaks sense.

One member of The Spoiler team in particular is a massive Beardsley fan, having owned a pair of his branded shin pads back in the 1980s. They weren’t the best, it must be pointed out. Put them up against the Bryan Robson set that most kids favoured at the time, and it was like comparing superhero body armour to wet tracing paper. Still, he was great, that Peter Beardsley.

And just today, the old England hero has thrown his hat into the ring concerning who should partner Rooney up top for England. He said this (as reported in the Daily Mail):

“For me Defoe is the best partner for Rooney. I’m not worried about height and physique in terms of partnerships.”

“I look for ability and though Peter Crouch and Emile Heskey are good players, Defoe looks really sharp and is scoring goals.”

“But Rooney is playing so well he could play alongisde anyone at the moment.”

As established, Peter Beardsley is pretty much always right, and he did enjoy a fine international career partnering Lineker – both short, handsome men.

But is he really right on this occasion? Let us know with a comment.

Below is a small tribute to the great man…

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