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Board says NO to play-offs – thanks a lot, Big Four!

Look, but don’t touch, non-Big Fourers

Champions League

This year’s Premier League has been brilliant – one of the best campaigns ever – but it is an exception. As with the last however many years, next time around it should go back to usual.

The usual being the Big Four versus everyone else.

At a push, big spenders Man City might cause a slight ripple, with the Big Four slowly morphing into a Big Five. But you can forget about six and seven, man. Those teams are history.

All of which makes the news of a “no go” on the plans to use a play-off competition to secure the last Champions League spot a bit of a downer. The word from today’s Telegraph being that certain teams just weren’t feeling it. Can you guess who?

Premier League chief executive, Richard Scudamore, said this:

“The main topic of discussion was the Champions League play-off for that fourth qualifying place.”

“We gave a lot of discussion, a lot of detail, a lot of data. But there was not enough support to take the idea forward, so we won’t be discussing that proposal any further.”

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  • Fucker // March 4, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Fuck playoffs. This would infest the champions league with shit teams and the countries with normal top groups will have greater chance of winning. Fuck the fuckers

  • BG // March 5, 2010 at 2:58 am

    Why should we gamble with the intention of fielding our fourth best side in the Champions League, just so Spurs, Villa and the rest can get themselves excited for an extra fortnight?
    Why don’t we just put forward the four league champions? Premiership, Championship, League One and League Two? This is almost just as logical. All teams would like their mitts on some Champions League kitty, too.. Not just sides from 5th to 8th.

    My side qualified for the Champions League by finishing 2nd, 3rd and 3rd again on occasions. We aren’t part of “The Big Four”. Showing it can be done without trying to hijack the entire structure of Premiership football in order to meet your apparent demands.

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