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Everton join the queue for the “new Drogba”…

Lukaku – sweet sixteen


Footballers have a fairly swift turnaround, lasting perhaps five years at the top of their game, before eyes start wandering, searching feverishly for their replacements.

Messi is about the forty-seventh “new Maradona”, for a while there Joe Cole was “the new Gazza”, and at one point Berbatov was “the new Cantona”.

The football world loves new versions of old models – known in mobile telephone circles as “upgrades”.

The latest “new…” is Romelu Lukaku – a 16-year-old Belgian boy, who currently plays for Anderlecht. He was rumoured to be an Arsenal target in January, he’s “the new Drogba”, and now the word from the football grapevine (The Daily Mail) is that Everton have joined the race for his summer thumb print.

There will be stiff competition, with the growing whispers suggesting that they’d have to somehow trump Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid and AC Milan in the process. Below is footage of the young man in action, accompanied by a rather jolly tune.

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  • Teo // March 5, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    It gets said every time anything Lukaku-related turns up on the interweb but I see no reason to buck the trend.

    There is absolutely no way he is 16. Somebody needs to age test him stat!

  • Flor // March 5, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    Dude was born in Antwerp, I think they keep pretty reliable birth records over there.

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