Oh Dad!

Oi you’re mugging my little boy off… suggests Ian Wright

“I’ll handle this, son”

Ian Wright and Shaun Wright Phillips

Fans of Live from Studio Five will be well accustomed to the random word generator that operates whenever Ian Wright opens his mouth. Literally anything can happen, and the machine is at its most deadly whenever other people happen to be talking.

Seriously though, it’s great television. If you like your current affairs shouted at you by three people at differing stages of intoxication, it’s absolutely the show for you.

Anyway, news from today’s Daily Mail suggests that Wrighty’s mouth has been at it again, as he decided to throw his hat into the ring with regards to his little boy’s contract negotiations at Man City. He said this:

“He wants to sign his deal and sign for the rest of his career so he can be settled and get ready to go to the World Cup.”

“But there’s these people like Brian Marwood and Garry Cook mugging him off, treating him like a youth-team player and not someone who actually wants to be there because of what he thinks Manchester City can do.”

“He signed before all the money came.”

The root of the problem being that little Shaun is getting sick and tired of slumming it on £80,000/week, and wants more money, so that he can feel warm inside, and appreciated on the outside. His dad continued:

“It’s been a really hard couple of months with Shaun with what’s going on at City.”

“I’d love him to be settled so he could just concentrate on getting them into the top four.”

“That’s what he wants to do and then, God willing, he can end up getting on the plane and going to the World Cup, doing well for England and everything would be great.”

The various fathers of the Man City boardroom staff are yet to comment on how their sons feel about this.

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