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Donovan wants to stay, new Man City target, and more…

Landon – not to be confused with a cockney saying “London”

Landon Donovan 

Hollyoaks fans are probably still reeling over the news that ELEVEN characters are going to be wiped out by the new hatchet man in charge. And yet none of them appear to be “Tony” – he’s like a cockroach in a nuclear war. Were a bomb to hit Hollyoaks, Tony would still crawl out from under a rock to reveal that he’d been cushioned by a massive ciabatta.

He’s the new Ian Beale.

Anyway, over on the sports desk, the news has been flying in, and here’s what we know today, thanks to the likes of The Sun, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail etc…:

Landon Donovan wants to stay at Everton, so – like a tearful teenage girl desperate to go to a boy’s house - he will reportedly be begging his LA Galaxy bosses to please, please let him stay. Just for a few more weeks. He said this:

“I haven’t given up hope of staying here at Everton a little longer. I think we will know more during this week. Both clubs know how I feel, which is that I would like to stay.”

The robed gentlemen of Manchester City are keen to splash out on another expensive left winger, in the form of Sevilla’s Diego Perotti. The word on the street being that they’d need to part with around 40million large, and beat Chelsea in a thumb war to land their man.

In England news, spies have been secretly recording Capello’s moving football monologues, and Wes Brown might make the World Cup after all. Sir Alex Ferguson said this:

“He’ll be out for four to six weeks. I hope to get him back for some of the season.”

Great news.

And finally, sit back, relax, unbutton your shirt, and enjoy the crisps advert that’s been driving everyone totally berserk…

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  • Bar // March 9, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Didn’t Donovan give Becks flack for wanting to stick with Milan and not return to Galaxy.

  • Fat Nakago // March 10, 2010 at 7:29 am

    That was then. This is now.

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